Open Blog Hunt

I will be asking you some questions that you have to hunt for on my blog for and when you solve the questions you leave  me a comment about the answer.                     Question 1 , What kind of blog pet do I have ?

Question 2, How many class mates do I have?

Question 3, What is my pet aliens name?

Question 4, What is the name of my national park?

Question 5, How many visitors did my class blog have ?

I hope you can solve my problems!  You are awesome !

Commenting Game

Today my class played a game called 123 it is were you go to the student blogging challenge web site here is the link . You click on student march or what ever month it is or year 2014 and scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of names you click on a random and say the number one  and scroll  down and look at the side bar and look for names click on one and it will take you to another site keep doing that until you count to the number 3 but if the blog  dose not have names start over. I hope you have fun !!! Leave me a comment.


MyCloud My class is doing the Student Blogging Challenge and this weeks challenge is leadership and we wrote about who we think are leaders .But what is a leader ? A leader is some one who you can follow and you know that they are leading you to the right place. I think that kid president is a great leader because he is someone you can trust to lead you and he dose not care what other people think .

is brave and he dose not care what others think of him. Who do you think is a leader? Leave me a comment.

1,000 party

My class blog finally  got 1,000 visitors and we calibrated by having   cake and we also had a challenge to try to get to 1,00 by using math problems .   Here is mine 100*5*2= 1,00 . Can you make any more math problems ? If you do then send me a  comment.

Here is a picture of the cake…


Digital Footprint

Did you know you have a digital footprint ?A digital foot print is your search history other people can see what you do on the computer . Some jobs they search your foot print by searching up your name it is pretty freaky if you ask me.Your digital footprint starts before your even born and is still alive  even when your dead.   I am proud of my digital footprint are you proud of yours?
where does these footsteps lead to  ?
Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar via Compfight

Cool Science Experiment

My class did a seience experemint.   We took paintyhoes  and oat meal And we pretended that the paintiehoes was the small intestine and the oat meal was the food getting digested . It was very fun.  We each got 4 times to have the small digest the oat meal .Digestion rocks ! Leave a comment.

Here is a picture.DSC_0449