Courtney’s Fraction War Game

Have you ever made your own math game ?  Well I made my own math game called fraction war .   The reason why I chose war is I love to play war with my brother .   My game is very fun to play .

DSC_0279 (1)

It took me a long time to make my game.    I had to stensol each card with a fraction on one side and the word war on the other side .    Then color each spot were I stencled .  It was  very time consuming  .

But evry bit of it was worth it .


Here is a pictuar

Missing Alien

Have you seen my pet alien ?   His name is Mr. Mustache the reason why his name is that is because  he has the cutest mustache in the world.   His head is shaped like a wine glass with a bow on it .    His skin is the color of the lily pads.   He has teeth the color of wool.   He has eyes the color of the night sky.   He has a spunky attitude when it comes to doing chores.   But he is very helpful when I cannot find my stuff in my desk .   So if you happen to find my pet alien make shore you return him to me.